Coming Summer 2019!

Assembly Connect has partnered with RideAmigos to bring members a comprehensive App-based interactive platform to provide customized options designed to provide choice for how you travel to/from the Assembly Square District in Somerville.  Whether you live, work, or are visiting Assembly Square, our Commute Connect App will help you find the best, most cost-effective, sustainable transportation option for your commute. 

The Commute Connector App

  • Displays all multi-modal commuting options based upon where you live and work;

  • Helps you find ride matches for one-time rides and reoccurring trips;

  • Turn on the automated trip tracker to automatically log your commutes to earn great incentive awards for trips to/from the Assembly Square District using a sustainable transportation option; and

  • Our Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program with UBER will also be integrated and administered through this platform.   

We’ll keep you posted with updates on this great new program launch through our social media.  Stay tuned!

Assembly Connect Ride Amigos App Download
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